Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Born Pretty Store Discount Code

As promised earlier today ,there is a discount code for you 
If you visit http://www.bornprettystore.com and use the code BETT10
you will receive 10% off they're already great prices.

Born pretty store sells not only makeup supplies,but jewelry ,clothing,stationery,and home goods.

Coming Soon: More discount codes

As always I'm trying to help you stretch your beauty enhancement budget(because we all know you're already beautiful)
If you are not are already now would be a good time to follow to see the update on this post.
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall Beauty Finds

Come on over and see what I picked up this fall,maybe you can find the deals that I did!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Swatch a day?

I'm going to start "swatching" products on instagram,what I'm thinking though instead of doing the atypical swatch on the back of the hand is to just use that product that day for my swatches so you guys might want to check over there to see if theres something you haven't got yet to see what it looks like where its actually supposed to be used on our faces.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday, June 12, 2014

PSA? Today I learned something new and I thought I'd share it with you and help all of us who've been misinformed be better informed

Today we got on the subject of how everybody donates there hair to http://www.locksoflove.com and thinks that it donates wigs to adults that is a misconception if you read their site you very clearly see it is for making wigs for children.

However the American Cancer Society does indeed have wig banks for adults all you have to do is call their 1800 number (1-855-227-9321)
to find your closest branch.

There is also a group that helps with the transition by providing products from the cosmetics industry here is their website you can enter your zip code to find your local branch

Monday, April 21, 2014

MAC Lipliner Dupe List

Nightmoth {Beth Ditto} NYX Prune NYX Mahogany Revlon Colorstay Vixen Sephora Pleasant Plum WNW lipstick cherry bomb 918D Talk That Talk{Riri Hearts MAC} Pro Longwear MAC Cremestick liner Plumsoft


Beet {Marilyn Monroe}


Cherry {Marilyn Monroe} Revlon Red #675

Chestnut {Too Fabulous} NYX Espresso Milani Dark Coffee

Chicory NYX Auburn

Cork NYX Toast


Magenta NYX Purple Rain NYX Bloom MAC Heroine

Mahogany Prestige Auburn

Plum Prestige Deep Plum Revlon Colorstay Plum

Redd {Marilyn Monroe}

Spice NYX Ever,Coffee Avon Glimmer Simply Spice WNW #666.712 Jordana Rock N Rose Milani Simply Natural Coastal Scents LPL09Natural Essence Honey Bun Cover Girl Smoothers Cinnamon Slick Annabelle Spice Prestige Sand Estee Lauder Spice
Vino NYX Deep Purple

Oak NYX Nude Beige

Burgundy NYX Currant

Stripdown NYX Natural Rimmel Femme Fatale

Whirl NYX Mauve

Dervish NYX Nude Pink NYX Peekaboo Neutral

Subculture NYX Mauve L'Oreal Honey Sephora Nano #2 NYX Natural (long)

Half-Red NYX Plush Red


In Synch {Beth Ditto}{Quite Cute}{Tartan Tale: Vain & Glorious}{Too Fabulous} NYX Nectar

Hip N Happy {Tour de Fabulous}

Lasting Sensation {Tour de Fabulous} NYX Coral

Boldy Bare {Illustrated Nude}{Lavish Coral}{Ice Parade}{Quite Cute}{Too Fabulous} NYX Natural (slim/short)

Naked Liner{Quite Cute}{Too Fabulous}

Soar NYX Mauve(long)

Stone NYX 1000 Years

Entertain Me {Tour de Fabulous}{Beth Ditto}

Just My Type {Tour de Fabulous}

What Comes Naturally {Tour de Fabulous}

Just Wonderful {Tour de Fabulous}

Have to Have It {Tour de Fabulous}

Embrace Me {Tour de Fabulous}{Illustrated Pink}{Beth Ditto}

Heroine  NYX Purple Rain NYX Bloom MAC Magenta

Great Catch {Luxurious Pinks}

Draw Me Close {Tartan Tale:Dazzle the Lads}

Life’s a Breeze {MAC to the Beach}

Temperature Rising {MAC to the Beach}

Mouth Off {Too Fabulous}

Trimmed in Pink {Too Fabulous}



Please Me

Girlfriend Prestige Baby

Test Pattern Sephora #114

Pro Longwear

Etcetera {Styledriven}

In Anticipation {Styledriven}

Staunchly Stylish {Styledriven}

Kiss Me Quick {Styledriven}

More to Love {Styledriven}

What a Blast! {Styledriven}

Absolutely It {Styledriven}

Morning Coffee {Styledriven}

Nice N Spicy {Styledriven}

Bittersweet {Styledriven}

Shock Value {Retro Matte}

High Energy {Proenza}{Retro Matte}

Dynamo {Proenza}{Retro Matte}

Trust in Red {Retro Matte}

Talk That Talk{Riri Hearts MAC}

RiRi Woo {Riri Hearts MAC}

Fashion Boost {Retro Matte}

Shore leave {hey,sailor}

Throw Me a Line {hey,sailor}

Saunter {hey,sailor}

Cremestick liner

Pink Treat {Illustrated Pink}

Red Enriched



Sublime Culture

Cream O' Spice

Plumsoft NYX Prune

Freehand {Illustrated Red}