Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Healthier Bodies Edition #1: CellPro Armband for the IPhone 6 Review

In our first edition to our new segment of Beauty Blog by Betty called Healthier Bodies we'll be presenting a Review of the CellPro Armband for the iphone 6 by .

You can find this running band on Amazon where it sells for $12.95 .

It has some unique key features:

  • This running band features two pocket slots on it perfect for storing money, credit cards,ID, or Business Cards 
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  • It has an additional snug key pocket so you can take your house key with you instead of hiding it under a rock!
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  • Designed in lightweight soft neoprene material that is molded to twist and bend but will not stretch out of shape.  Easily washable with gentle soap and water, and let air dry.
  • Safer running at night through visibility with the reflective band surrounding the phone's window.
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  • While it is marketed for the Apple iPhone 6 with its dimensions it fits More than just that it can also be used for some HTC phones,the Samsung s3(with a smaller case on it) and Samsung Note 2
  • Two slots for adjusting armband A for arms 12" or smaller B for 12" or  larger,making for a more comfortable fit.
  • Plastic window protects from sweat and elements while still allowing you to access your phone.
In comparison to another armband we have in our possession this armband is the better band to have because of the added pockets,the more generous cell phone pocket size and the more adjustable elements of this band. So if you're in the search for band to implement into your fitness routine this might be the one to try!

SPONSORED by Cozia.com while I paid for shipping. My opinion is still my own.

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