Thursday, November 26, 2015

How to get free makeup if you're willing to spend the time

This site is advertised as a watch advertising for points to redeem for games however they have giftcard options that can be used for walmart,and amazon so if  a person truly couldn't afford their goodies right now but could get online they could save up and still cash in to get free stuff.

There is another site where you can bid with points or sell (think ebay with points instead of cash) that uses the same advertisers(steampowers has more different ones).

Perk has Multiple apps and an online presence heavily used so sometimes it is down every 1100 points = $1 you can cash out to a branded discover card to buy that fave mascara.

Verydice app
Roll dice, win tickets use the tickets to cash in for beauty  items on amazon
Try my referral code 615328 for extra rolls.

If anyone knows of any other places please leave a message in the comments section.

Neither place has paid me to adverstise their links I do get percentages if you do offers off the first one and we both receive points for your sign up on listia you get yours when you sign up I get mine when you post something for others to bid on.

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